Aris – Untitled (1721) – Fousion Gallery


Aris, real name and age undisclosed, resides in Tuscany, Central Italy. Since his early 1990's beginnings in the writing culture, he has incessantly risen to underground prominence. Without a doubt, Aris is one of the most distinguished and important artists of a new breed of unauthorized public painting and graffiti on trains.

Tuscany, Central Italy. Aris started his activity in ‘93 painting walls and trains. Evolving through lettering to arrive at the figure, it now leans towards the direction of an “almost” abstraction. Transformation of the letters into clean silhouettes without any desire to break through the surfaces on which they lie. Continuous recomposition of fluid bodies. Propagating, advancing, and evolving like a stain leaving its trace on the surfaces of the earth. Stains, or marks, that gradually retreat from immediate recognition or understanding moving towards an ambiguous conclusion. A point at which the observer can rediscover a natural principle as absolute: the inherent complementarity of human nature.

Aris has worked in countries such as Spain, Germany, Poland and Russia due to the integral nature of the trip, or the Journey, as part of the work itself. He is dedicated to the revitalization and regeneration of often urban and peri-urban landscape.

Show artworks
  • Kr19 – Attisholz, Switzerland
  • Gruppo OK – Docks74, Torino, Italy
  • Restarturbanfestival – Imola, Italy
  • StartOYE (curator: Gianguido Grassi)  –  Pisa, Italy
  • Cattedrale Immaginata – Modena, Italy
  • Shifting Surfaces – Magma Gallery, Bologna, Italy
  • Urban Layers – Docks74, Torino, Italy
  • Borgo Universo – Aielli, AQ, Italy
  • Endless – Magma Gallery, Bologna, Italy
  • Aber Du siehst mich nicht / Unorte & Umwege – Museum für visuelle Dissidenz (curator: R. Kaltenhäusen / Katja Glaser), Herne, Germany
  • Abstractism – Varsi Gallery, Rome, Italy
  • B-Wall – Dynamo (curator: F.Naldi – C.Musso), Bologna, Italy
  • Visione Periferica (curator: A.Perazza) – Giulianova, TE, Italy
  • Local Art Walls (curator: I.Guerrini) – Certaldo, FI, Italy
  • AltroveFestival – Catanzaro, Italy
  • Graphic Surgery / Uitgever Stickit – Apeldoorn, GE, Netherlands
  • BWNC  –  Dresden, Germany
  • Bundeskunsthall of Fame (curator: A.Gretzki, R.Kaltenhäuser) – Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, Germany
  • N.W.O.2 Spazio 20092 (curator: G.Bartocci), Cinisello Balsamo, Milano
  • Antimurals (curator: J.Besser) – Magdeburg, Germany
  • La Macchia Umana, Studio D’Ars (curator: A.Ioale) – Milano
  • Borgo Vecchio Factory – Palermo, Italy
  • From Street to Art Italian Cultural Institute (curator: S.Pallotta) – NY, United States, 
  • Indoor Outdoor – SMS, Pisa, Italy
  • Sketchmate – Officine Corsare, Torino, Italy
  • Vedo a Colori (curator: G.Vesprini) – Civitanova Marche, Italy
  • Icone 5.9, D406 (curator: P.Rivasi) – Modena, Italy
  • City Bilder (curator: J.Besser) – Dresden, Germany
  • Piknik festival – Esztergom, Hungary
  • Scala Mercalli – Auditorium parco della musica (curator: G.Marziani), Roma

Street Art, Sweet Art  – Pavilion of Contemporary Art (curator: A.Riva), Milano