Bruno Pontiroli – Corps à corps – Fousion Gallery

Bruno Pontiroli

Imagine a world based on a different logic – Bruno Pontiroli is a dreamer. He lives in a cloud. An airplane crashes into the cloud.

He used to live in Paris, where he studied Fine Arts, before he recently moved to Cardiff, UK. He loves images and animals. They constantly reside in his mind. The elimination of physical rules, unnatural postures and its observation of today’s upside-down world inhabit his work.

Bruno Pontiroli creates mind-bending explorations of the relationship between humans and animals. From his dreamlike visions, he conjures up surreal and fantastic universes, where centaurs cut off the head of half-human half-horse creatures, over-eager men can embrace large walrus or jump on twisted giraffes and dromedaries fit their cubic-shaped humps into each other. A poetic and absurd ability to make the impossible happen, while a hippopotamus is standing on his tongue...

The artist brings to life our childhood dreams and a new look to the world, at the same time.

His recognized and exposed works now subvert the biggest international shows, events and exhibitions.

Show artworks
  • Symbiosen – solo show at Galerie KK Klaus Kiefer, Essen, Germany
  • Wild Nights & Day Dreams – group show at Fousion Gallery, Barcelona
  • Affordable Art Fair – art fair with Fousion Gallery, London
  • Urvanity Art Fair – art fair with Fousion Gallery, Madrid
  • Art Karlsruhe – art fair with Galerie KK Klaus Kiefer, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Art Genossen: Das Tier und wir  – group show at Galerie KK Klaus Kiefer, Bad Saulgau, Germany
  • Brooklyn Biennial Submissional - group show at Cotton Candy Machine Gallery, New York
  • POP Re-generation – group show at Centro Storico, Pordenone, Italy
  • Salon d'art – group show at Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France
  • Einmal ist keinmal - group show at Galerie Celal, Paris
  • Solo show at Galerie Gour-Beneforti, Bastia, France
  • Salon Art'Ifice, Montgeron, France
  • Solo show at Galerie W Matignon, Paris
  • Galerie 59, Paris 
  • Solo show at Galerie Le Laboratoire de la Creation, Paris
  • Echos La Galcante, Paris
  • Hit Parade – Espace Confluence, Paris
  • la Kommune – La Friche, Paris