Chelone Wolf

London born & based photographer and musician, Chelone Wolf is highly acclaimed for his work behind camera and microphone, with a natural understanding of both disciplines. His mentor Goldie, another eclectic artist mind, identified Chelone’s talent at an early stage and encouraged him to follow his creative and artistic instincts. His diverse range of work, documented in four exhibitions, newspapers, magazines including Vogue, over 20 record covers, numerous advertising campaigns and various clothing labels, has created a path which illustrates his artistic capabilities and a style Chelone has made his own…Four impressive works Innocence, Awakening, Spirituality & Sin. A celebration of life and its rhythms by London photographer Chelone Wolf, including collaborative works with artists Stedhead & Shanee he was part  of the  ” A celebration Process – from fresh till wasted” photo groupshow at Fousion Gallery Barcelona.