ilan Katin

ilan katin (b.1972) is a Berlin based artist who currently makes non-figurative drawings, occasionally collaborates with musicians doing live visual performances, and sometimes ventures into the creation of installations.
He has been collaborating with Jasmine Guffond since 2013 providing visual accompaniment to her music performances using a computer and video projector. He sees it as an evolving conversation.  

His approach involves listening carefully many times over to the sounds and seeing in his mind what forms emerge, ensuring that the compositions convey the narrative of the sounds in the best way possible.
Also of importance is finding ways to interact with those compositions in a live setting in a conscious manner that will convey to the audience his role. Some elements may follow sounds precisely, and these are rehearsed to ensure that they are. Other elements may be left without any interaction because they faithfully fulfil what the music conjures up for him.  

In addition to visual accompaniment ilan has collaborated with Jasmine on several audio visual installations of his own design. He also creates music videos and cover art for her releases. These are often based on the material he produces for her live performances. They have also collaborated on several audio visual pieces that have been published as NFT’s.  For the Spring of 2024 they are to collaborate on several audio visual works to be presented at the esteemed Fousion Gallery in Barcelona, Spain.