Karla Kracht – Fousion Gallery

Karla Kracht

Karla creates retro-futurist techno-sculptures, where the limits between the drawing stroke and their digital reflection blur completely. In combination with live camera, drawings, video and shadow projections, light and animation, she creates bi- zarre universes full of strange creatures, miniature cities in- habited by mythological cyborg goddesses that tell sci-fi stories about current social and political issues.

Recently she investigates mystic aspects of human society, and imagines scenarios for a world in pre-singularity, where machine and human are on the same level and their myths and magic melt with each other. Her award-winning work has been shown in 4 continents, more than 22 countries and over 50 cities

Upcoming 2024
  • Museo Nacional de Belllas Artes, Santiago, Chile.

  • Taoyuan Art Awards. Taoyuan, Taiwan.

  • Blaue Nacht Art Award. Nürnberg, Germany.

  • Fundació Cuixart, Spain.

  • Pumashi Performing Arts Festival, Korea.

  • Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival [LEAF] (CO), USA.

  • Real Cercle Artistic / NFT Barcelona/ Fousion Gallery.

  • Altofest, Valletta, Malta. 

  • Athens Digital Arts Festival, Greece.

  • Chaos Computer Club, Hamburg, Germany.

  • Taipei Digital Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Art Taichung, Taichung, Taiwan (2020).

  • 360º Gallery. Krakow. Poland. 

  • Georgetown Festival, Malaysia.

  • Tabakalera, Sant Sebastian, Spain.

  • Unidram Potsdam, Germany.

  • Dlectricity Detroit, USA

  • Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Košice, Slovakia.

  • Alhondiga Bilbao/Azkuna Zentroa, Spain.

  • Figurentheaterfestival Nürnberg, Germany.

  • Puppet Metamofosis, Bialystok.

  • Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Korea.

  • NUS Arts Festival, Singapore.

  • Teatro Pradillo, Madrid, Spain.

  • PIER-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

  • Festival International des Teatres de Marionnettes (official selection), Charleville, France.

  • Seoul Animation Festival, Korea.

  • Animac Animation Festival, Lleida, Spain.

  • Animateka, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  • TACT/FEST, Osaka, Japan.

  • Futureeverything, Manchester, UK.

  • Loop Festival Barcelona.

  • Incheon Art Platform, Seoul, Korea.

  • House of Natural Fibre, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.