Gold Thinkings by Nikka Bionikka & Alba G. Corral

Nikka Bionikka

Mónica Muñoz (born May 17, 1974), better known by Nikka is an Artist and Composer of experimental music, who walks through soundscapes and abstract compositions. Darkness, noise and silence have always been an important element of her creations. In 2016 she made a sound piece based on the Delta del Ebro sounds, a microscope and PureData, shown live at Arts Santa Monica. Nikka has been creating music since 2005. 

Nikka Bionikka, being a sound artist, can finally monetize her sound art pieces through NFTs. Thanks to the introduction in the new art market, even her historical artworks can now be collected in editions with certificates of authenticity, having value as a piece of art and being able to be presented by galleries and sold on the art market. 

The recoverage of past actuations, concerts and digital sound art or audiovisual pieces, allows the conservation, rebirth and acquisition of the pieces, opening a world of new options with Nikka Bionikka's art.

  • NFT BCN 2022 – group exhibition, Barcelona
  • DrapArt'21 – sound performance at Reial Cercle Artístic, Barcelona