Ilia Mayer – El Gat  – Fousion Gallery

Ilia Mayer

Ilia Mayer is a visual artist and a musician who delves into the pictorial disciplines of watercolor, oil, and muralism, alongside photography and experimental music. Employing an interdisciplinary approach, Mayer seeks to interconnect these forms of expression to construct an artistic body of work reflecting themes such as solitude, the "sense of wonder," and anti-speciesism.

In Mayer's paintings, allegorical beings traverse remote worlds, exploring the connection between individual experience, solitude, and the vastness of their surroundings. Through these symbolic representations, visual narratives are woven, inviting the contemplation of solitude as an integral part of the human experience.

Mayer's music aims to present these same ideas through the abstract experience offered by this artistic medium. Through experimental compositions, the creations become a sonic journey inviting the audience to explore and reflect on these themes in a sensory and non-literal manner.

Internationally exhibited, Mayer's works serve as an exemplification of this creative convergence, offering a reflection on the human condition and the surrounding environment.

  • Terrae Novae  – group exhibition Fousion Gallery, Barcelona
  • Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space – solo show at AktivitÄt bcn, Barcelona
  • Ilia Mayer – solo show at Pantha Rei, Madrid
  • FOU.TOUR Germany – with Fousion Gallery, group show at & Feld+Haus Gallery (Frankfurt) & Gallery box 32 (Berlin) & Blooom Art Fair (Cologne)
  • Dress Your Wall – group show at Fabra i Coach, Barcelona
  • Mural per a inauguració de centre de creació Fabra i Coach – group show at Fabra i Coach, Barcelona
  • Festival WeArt – group show, Barcelona
  • We Love Colors – group show at KKKB, Barcelona
  • Untitled – group show at Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles
  • Seneca Guns – solo show at Miscëlanea, Barcelona
  • Projecte 3 – solo show at Centre d’art Torrente Ballester, Ferrol, Spain
  • Mur-Murs 01 – group show at La Fábrica, Menorca, Spain
  • Wolfzeit – solo show at Niu, Barcelona 
  • Reveille-toi! Contemporary Art Festival BAC’08 – group show at CCCB, Barcelona
  • Untitled – group show at Pictures on Walls, London
  • No New Enemies – group show at Die Young, Brussels
  • Paradise Lost – solo show at Miscëlanea, Barcelona
  • Untitled – group show at Byloa, Mexico DF