Poe de Laf – Pseudonyme V – Fousion Gallery

Poe de Laf

When defining her style, Poe de Laf says it is "part of the pistil that supports the stigma, just after the ovaries, in the floral axis"

Born and raised in Marseille, Poe de Laf has been in contact with art since she was a kid, travelling all around Europe and, when she turned 16, she received her first oil painting set and started experimenting, and she never stopped. Poe de Laf studied PhD in Modern and Contemporary Art and moved to Barcelona keeping painting. Today she lives and creates between Barcelona and Paris.

Poe de Laf is not easily defined. A creative process prompted by poetry but complicated to fit in one label. Moved by her own history, the artist reflects about identity, exploring it through concepts such as exile, materiality, corporeality... Anthropomorphic beings hidden by colorful clothes in an introspective research of oneness that challenges the perception of our surroundings, confronting the understanding of our deep structure, as if our environment no longer exists.

"The concepts of time and identity are at the center of my searches. I explore the protected and threatened, memories and above perfumes, the fragile and the intense, everything that marks our deep structure.”

Group exhibitions
  • Écho(s), Galeria IESA, Paris (comisariado por E.L Project)

  • Galeria Isabelle De Lafage, L’Isle sur-la-Sorgue

  • Galeria Isabelle De Lafage, L’Isle sur-la-Sorgue

  • Solo Show at Hang’art, Marsella

  • Voeux d’artistes, Galeria Les Arcenaux Marsella

  • Pavillon M, centro de arte de la Ciudad de Marsella para la Capital europea de la cultura

  • Voeux d’artistes, Galeria Les Arcenaux Marsella

  • Superficie Gallery, Barcelona

  • Solo Show at Espace Virgin, Marsella

  • Galeria Isabelle De Lafage, L’Isle sur-la-Sorgue

  • Solo Show at El Rectangle, espacio AmatoSolé, Barcelona

  • Solo Show at Off* Ample, Barcelona



Murals / Installations

Ilustración para el libro Le Papillon Omnivore, Patrick

Alliotte (Edición Symétries)


Escultura monumental para el evento « We are the sport», Ciudad de Marsella.


Murals para SSI-Survey Sampling International, Paris.