Txemy – Refugio – Fousion Gallery


Txemy Basualto is a Chilean-Canary Island artist. Born in 1981, comes to Barcelona at 2001 and he has been painting since 1994.

Having been immersed in the visual arts since childhood, with his mother as a pattern maker and his father running a large silkscreen workshop, they have influenced Txemy’s path and his identity as an artist and creator.

Txemy abandoned traditional education at the age of 13 to enter the Art School in Tenerife, later gaining admission to the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tenerife, which he completed at the University of Barcelona.

Exploring, seeking new languages and pursuing evolution without fear of losing the status defined by his financial situation or by the masses. Not settling on the best he has painted but striving to remain true to what he believes has led his work to change since Txemy started showcasing his paintings.

After many years defined by graffiti, murals, and travels around the world, Txemy’s career is now focused on a period of tranquility and enjoyment of conceptualization creating in the studio. 

“I don’t think art is measured by how intricate it is, but rather the strength of its emotional impact.”

Show artworks
  • Ellas y Yo – solo show at Fousion Gallery, Barcelona

Recent notable projects:

  • Integration of artwork and murals in all areas of the Casa Lit Hotel by Lo Siento Studio. 2023.

  • Exhibition at the Centro de Historias de Zaragoza. "The Color of the Public." 2022.

  • Facade mural at the Museum of Modern Contemporary Art Mohammed VI. Rabat, Morocco. 2022.

  • Solo Show at the Casa Museo Casa Vicens, Gaudi. Barcelona. 2021.