Flyer – Alteración buscando el Punto de Inflexión

Alteración buscando el Punto de Inflexión


Fousion Gallery
C/ de la Carassa 4
Principal 2
08003 Barcelona

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Fousion Gallery is delighted to invite you to the upcoming duo show, "Alteración buscando el Punto de Inflexión", by Poe de Laf and Alberto de Blobs. An unprecedented collaboration where two different styles meet to explore the concept of identity and self-expression in a bare selection of artworks which give a space for self reflection.

"Alteración buscando el Punto de Inflexión" is a contrast between figures. The abstract perception by Alberto de Blobs is opposed to the figuration and realism by Poe de Laf. Different, almost conflicted techniques, media and points of views expressing the same concept: the essence of identity.

Artistic creation is the eternal longing of an entire story, arriving at a result through the analysis of the function, the meaning and use of any artistic proposition.

Figures devoid from their human corporeality, masked by art in varying impressions. Poe de Laf screens personality hidden everything else by infinite layers of colors. Ropes, clothes, bonds, fabrics... create news beings, someone distant from the original personality, the harbored one.

Alberto de Blobs creates from the opposite direction: the identity is portrayed not by adding, but by removing everything enforced to the human figure. His abstraction reduces his characters to the minimum expression, with just their essence remaining on the painting.

These artistic languages are the result of an "unconscious choice", an adaptation to a single particular context. Alteration of the context of the artworks, finding new systems to establish a relationship with an ever-changing reality.

Divested from all the accessories we wear as humans, "Alteración buscando el Punto de Inflexión" represents our oneness, our core, stripped from all the external elements. What is corporeality? What makes us human? How is our inner essence?

Poe de Laf – Pseudonyme I – Fousion Gallery
Poe de Laf – Pseudonyme II – Fousion Gallery
Poe de Laf – Pseudonyme III – Fousion Gallery
Poe de Laf – Pseudonyme IV – Fousion Gallery
Poe de Laf – Pseudonyme V – Fousion Gallery
Poe de Laf – Pseudonyme VI – Fousion Gallery
Poe de Laf – Pseudonyme VII – Fousion Gallery
Poe de Laf – Pseudonyme VIII – Fousion Gallery
Alberto de Blobs – Alexa 3000 – Fousion Gallery
Alberto de Blobs – Cairo – Fousion Gallery
Alberto de Blobs – Eclipse en Júpiter – Fousion Gallery
Alberto de Blobs – Home sense Ombra en assegut en la Platja – Fousion Gallery
Alberto de Blobs – Vasija en Forma de Cabeza de Mujer – Fousion Gallery
Alberto de Blobs – The Ego Is Dead – Fousion Gallery
Alberto de Blobs – Jarrón de Bohemia – Fousion Gallery
Alberto de Blobs – Niño Escultura – Fousion Gallery
Alberto de Blobs – Unión – Fousion Gallery
Alberto de Blobs – Humanoide Sentado – Fousion Gallery


Alberto de Blobs

Alberto de Blobs, born in 1982 started his career as a painter at the young age of 12, writing graffiti in Barcelona. From wild style letter painting, his style gradually evolved towards today's elaborate mixture of figurative and free form abstraction. With its open muralist approach, de Blobs' highly illustrative visual language combines references to his subcultural roots and art historical predecessors alike and with ease. Merging all types of influences, genres and styles, Blobs forged a brilliant outlook on creativity which is presented through his search for new experiences. This newly-made reality escapes all conventions and breaks free from links to any particular aesthetic trend.

Poe de Laf

When defining her style, Poe de Laf says it is "part of the pistil that supports the stigma, just after the ovaries, in the floral axis"