Flyer – Performance Karla Kracht – Fousion Gallery

Karla Kracht – Ghost in the Wall

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Reial Cercle Artístic
Carrer dels Arcs 5
08002 Barcelona

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12. December – 6 pm
Reial Cercle Artístic – Auditorio

A magical sequence of weird occurrences. Rotating platforms, comic-like objects and characters, loops, sound scape and moving shadows are combined to create a magic experience and letting the viewer dive into the improbable world of ghostly-dark and frightening-dreamy coincidences, where all seems connected and everything and nothing seems possible.

The shadows of the past. The shadows of the present. Our own shadows melting with those of the others. The ghosts of our own fears... a chaos of interwoven situations...

An performance about the non quantifiable, about very old inner fears and outer projections of common panics.

Presented by DrapArt
Commissoned by Fousion Gallery


Con reserva anticipada

Una secuencia mágica de sucesos extraños.

Plataformas giratorias, objetos y personajes de cómic, loops, paisajes sonoros y sombras en movimiento se combinan para crear una experiencia mágica y permitir que el espectador se sumerja en el mundo improbable de coincidencias fantasmales, oscuras y aterradoras de ensueño, donde todo parece estar conectado y todo y nada parece posible.

Las sombras del pasado. Las sombras del presente. Nuestras propias sombras fundiéndose con las de los demás. Los fantasmas de nuestros propios miedos ... un caos de situaciones entretejidas ...

Una performance sobre lo no cuantificable, sobre miedos internos muy antiguos y proyecciones externas de pánicos comunes.

Presentado por DrapArt
Comisionado por Fousion Gallery


Karla Kracht

Karla Kracht creates retro-futurist techno-sculptures, where the limits between the drawing stroke  and their digital reflection blur completely. In combination with live camera, drawings, video and shadow projections, light and animation, she creates bizarre universes full of strange creatures, miniature cities inhabited by mythologic cyborg goddesses that tell sci-fi stories about current social and political issues.