Fousion Gallery – Comerc 15
Fousion Gallery – Comerc 15
Works by Victor Castillo
Bruno Pontiroli with visitors in front of his works
Will Barras – Thermoplastic Vista
Exhibition Bruno Pontiroli at Fousion Gallery
Fousion Gallery booth at art fair
Fousion Gallery booth District 13 Paris
Located in the center of Barcelona, Fousion Gallery is dedicated to showcasing and promoting an exceptionally fine selection of the New Contemporary Art movement. Fousion presents and represents remarkable emerging talents as well as established, not to say legendary, artists who inhabit the worlds of Pop Surrealism, Original Illustration, Urban Art, Abstract and Conceptual Graffiti.

In 2006, Architect, Designer and Curator Jasmin Waschl had the vision and brought the skills to turn an old belle etage into a workshop and studio space. From this base, Jasmin went on to ultimately launch, under the telling label of Fousion, what was to become one of Europes more renowned galleries of its genre.

With a variety of solo and group shows, the gallery has since been able to gain local as well as international recognition and appreciation among the devotees who follow Pop-Surrealism and the Urban Art scene. A regular at international Urban Contemporary art fairs, Fousion was an undeniable force behind the successful introduction of its segment to a wider, and still growing audience of loyal afficinados.

Hidden away deep in the narrow alleyways of Borne, Ciutat Vella, the city's historic quarter, Fousion Gallery hosts its ever enchanting selection of unusual and challenging art works within a peculiar natural and casual environment. Art lovers are invited to our occasional, well-attended openings and events or welcomed to experiencing the exhibitions in a more private atmosphere by appointment.

Art is fou*

"Fou" in french describes a crazy person, situation or someone, who is totally passionate.

With a fine selection of art and artists from the worlds of Contemporary Surrealism, Urban Illustration, Urban Abstraction and Visual & Sound Art, Fousion Gallery brings to life the enchantment of its space, a spacious venue in the heart of Barcelona, spreading its stardust world wide.

A “cabinet of curiosity” where the surrealistic chimeras of Mono Cieza look into the dreamy eyes of the Dilka Bear’s characters, where the unnatural but supernatural animals of Bruno Pontiroli meet the melancholic warriors of Miss Van and the intergalactic creatures of Peca dance within the euphoric universe of Will Barras before getting dissolved into an abstract colored jungle by Julia Benz.

A selection full of authenticity and sagacity, that seduces all the fou* about art.