Flyer – Afternoon Matinee – Will Barras – Fousion Gallery

Afternoon Matinée

22. Jun 2023 - 06. Oct 2023

Fousion Gallery
C/ de la Carassa 4, Principal 2nda
08003 Barcelona

Fousion Gallery is honored to present “Afternoon Matinée” by Will Barras. A solo show with two directions that adjoins his particular figurative and narrative style to a new abstract journey with a thrilling outcome. A nostalgic excursion to recover memories lost in stories. A double feature out of one hand.

It all began on a sunny afternoon in November 1985. Will Barras and his sister went to the cinema (The Quinton Classic) to see The Goonies for the third time. It was the 3 pm showing. The Afternoon Matinée.

In the film the kids found a bag of gemstones –again–, so they didn't have to sell their house to the developers. 1 h 54 minutes have elapsed. Once Will and his sister had been taken away by the magic of the cinema, they came outside. It was dark and it had been raining.

On screen one: A series of paintings telling different stories. Some clips from foreign language films, a rom-com, a thriller set in the Deep South, a musical and an action/adventure movie where someone is decapitated in one of the gruesome battle scenes.

On screen two: A journey through decaying scenery. In this world life forms are emerging and attempting to come to grips within an ever-shifting landscape.

Opening: June 22nd, 2023 7 - 10 pm
with sounds by Nikka Bionikka

Exhibition: June 22nd – September 8th, 2023 at Fousion Gallery.



Will Barras

Will Barras, born in 1973, is a British animation designer and painter. While studying graphic design in the 1990's, Barras became aware and subsequently part of the flourishing Bristol street-art scene and co-founded the influential Scrawl collective.