Blooming Stories – Oldies by Miss Van Flyer

Blooming Stories – Oldies by Miss Van at Urban Art Fair Paris

13. Apr 2023 - 16. Apr 2023

Le Carreau du Temple
4 rue Eugene Spuller, 75003 Paris
75003 Paris

Booth U12 & A12

Fousion Gallery is honoured to present a fine selection of artworks from the early époque by Miss Van at the Urban Art Fair in Paris.

An overview of her first era, including some very special pieces recently rediscovered, after being hidden for 16 years. The origins of a feminine pioneer in a time when Urban Art and Graffiti started flourishing in Europe. 

The art of Miss Van has been in constant evolution during 30 years, from the young curvy dolls invading streets of Toulouse, then Barcelona, and worldwide, from raw graphic brush strokes and bright colors in the 90's to the Surrealist exquisite Muses living in her oil paintings today.  

During a time when all the codes and styles exploded, in context of variations, breakthroughs and exploration. Miss Van resolutely appeared into the male dominated Graffiti and Urban Art world, distinguishing her style from classical bombing with her feminine aesthetic vision and brush strokes. Always provocative and delicate from then to now.



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Miss Van

Miss Van started wall-painting with brushes on the walls of Toulouse in the 90’s and quickly expanded her work throughout Europe (with Barcelona as her home city), influencing the feminine movement in European Urban Art. She is now considered among the most established international urban contemporary female artists. 
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