Blooom Art Show at Art Fair Cologne 2016 – Fousion Gallery – Flyer

Blooom Art Show at Art Fair Cologne 2016


Messe Köln
Messeplatz 1
50679 Cologne

Show directions
Booth BL – 06 in Hall 2

Fousion Gallery presents a fine selection of extraordinary art works by international artists. Pop Surrealism, Urban Art, Illustration and Photography at BLOOOM Art Show / Art Fair Cologne 2016.

Live painting by Mateus Bailon during the fair at the Fousion Gallery Booth BL – 06 in Hall 2.


  • sheOne
  • Dilka Bear
  • Miss Van
  • Will Barras
  • Bruno Pontiroli
  • Mateus Bailon
  • Juliah Humpfer
  • Peca
  • Mono Cieza
  • Juan José Surace
  • Andrea Riot
  • O.Two
  • Ilia Mayer
  • elDimitry
  • Gabriel Pérez Raventós
  • Corine Perier
  • Chelone Wolf
  • Julie Morize
  • Gregor Lorenz
Opening Reception

Wednesday 26th of October – 5 pm



Le pas de course
Le Casse Pipe
El Sueño de Leica
Conejo Con Kabuto Guardian Observer
elDimitry – Serpiente – Fousion Gallery
Hopi Dream – Tao
Peca – Hopi Dream – Sgt & His Lonely Heart – Fousion Gallery
[ Jupiter 500 ]
The Great Scarlet Headed Spirit
Trust Me When I Tell You There Is a Whole Universe Inside Your Soul
Square study I
Square study II
Square study III


Bruno Pontiroli

Bruno Pontiroli creates mind-bending explorations of the relationship between humans and animals. From his dreamlike visions, he conjures up surreal and fantastic universes, where centaurs cut off the head of half-human half-horse creatures, over-eager men can embrace large walrus or jump on twisted giraffes and dromedaries fit their cubic-shaped humps into each other. A poetic and absurd ability to make the impossible happen, while a hippopotamus is standing on his tongue...

Miss Van

Miss Van started wall-painting with brushes on the walls of Toulouse in the 90’s and quickly expanded her work throughout Europe (with Barcelona as her home city), influencing the feminine movement in European Urban Art. She is now considered among the most established international urban contemporary female artists. 


The outer circle and inner space – Peca was born in Argentina and graduated from the University of Fine Arts in the city of La Plata (UNLP). She paints, illustrates and animates films in Barcelona for more than a decade.

Mono Cieza

From transcendence to fusion – Mono Cieza was Born in Argentina and lives in Barcelona since 2001. He studied composition at the Faculty of Fine Arts of La Plata (Argentina), released  music for films.

Juliah Humpfer

The Stuttgart based artist Juliah Humpfer studied communication design and works as a free Illustrator. In her clear graphic works, founded fantastic creatures meet organic forms full of distinctive patterns and structures.The motifs are inspired by literature and music, the images are deliberately devoid of any critical seriousness, rather forming a playful space

Ilia Mayer

Ilia Mayer is a visual artist and a musician who delves into the pictorial disciplines of watercolor, oil, and muralism, alongside photography and experimental music. Employing an interdisciplinary approach, Mayer seeks to interconnect these forms of expression to construct an artistic body of work reflecting themes such as solitude, the "sense of wonder," and anti-speciesism.


Born in Palencia with P. Since he was a little Boy at school, whatever the class was about, elDimitry always used to do the same, creating little paintings in his notebooks, tables, pants, walls… and without stopping to scribble – and paying attention to other painters – he started to travel. From Palencia to Valladolid, where he studied Illustration.


Born in London in 1969, James began to write Graffiti in 1984. A decade later he had formalised the concept of spraypaint as 
the primary medium of expression and was beginning to personalise his alter-ego signature as the gestural cage for contextual subject.

Mateus Bailon

Inspired by myths, worldly folklore and the complex simplicity of the human mind, the work of Mateus Bailon explores narratives. It seeks to recall the connection between the human being and nature attempting to understand the mysterious part of people’s personal universes.


O.Two – real name James Carey – born in 1979, lives and works in London. A member of Wizard Kings artist collective, Carey takes his graffiti heritage as a starting point of progressive explorations. Teenage delinquency is transformed and refined into a Post Graffiti texture of abstract gestures, but never disclaimed.

Andrea Riot

Italian artist based in London part of the Wizard Kings collective. Has a graffiti background but his love for calligraphy pushed him to join the two arts. Every works has a solid classic calligraphy structure with the freedom of graffiti.


One of the principal inspirations of Gabriel Pérez Raventós is the adventure of finding objects, mix them and think about what he will be turning them into. He does not work with a preconceived idea, it is the materials that he has that activate his creative spirit.

Chelone Wolf

London born & based photographer and musician, Chelone Wolf is highly acclaimed for his work behind camera and microphone, with a natural understanding of both disciplines.

Juan José Surace

Corine Perier

Gregor Lorenz

The artist Gregor Lorenz, born in 1979, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Maastricht and lives in Aachen. He photographed exclusively analog and in black / white and does without completely on any effects or methods of finishing.