Flyer – Fou Tour 2014



Fousion Gallery presents and invites to FOU.TOUR 2014, mobile ART show Barcelona – Germany – October 2014.


Fousion Gallery Barcelona organizes and presents an itinerant art exhibition through different cities of Germany. A Road Trip on board of a Landrover defender from Barcelona to and through Germany, with the aim of representing contemporary art and artists on an international level.

The Idea of FOU.TOUR is presenting various local and international artists that passed by Fousion Gallery during the last years, with the aim of showing the artistic works of what is in the actual moment being generated in the city of Barcelona.

The FOU.TOUR trip will be made on board of a Landrover Defender as transport and communication element. It will be packed with art works. Starting from Barcelona and realizing Pop Up Shows in different german cities.


  • Peca
  • Ilia Mayer
  • Juan José Surace
  • elDimitry
  • Mateus Bailon
  • Mono Cieza
  • Entter
  • 10H23
  • Gabriel Pérez Raventós
  • Hannah Chloe



7th – 29th of October 2014

organized by Fousion Gallery

supported by Lamono  Magazin



The outer circle and inner space – Peca was born in Argentina and graduated from the University of Fine Arts in the city of La Plata (UNLP). She paints, illustrates and animates films in Barcelona for more than a decade.

Ilia Mayer

Ilia Mayer is a visual artist and a musician who delves into the pictorial disciplines of watercolor, oil, and muralism, alongside photography and experimental music. Employing an interdisciplinary approach, Mayer seeks to interconnect these forms of expression to construct an artistic body of work reflecting themes such as solitude, the "sense of wonder," and anti-speciesism.

Juan José Surace


Born in Palencia with P. Since he was a little Boy at school, whatever the class was about, elDimitry always used to do the same, creating little paintings in his notebooks, tables, pants, walls… and without stopping to scribble – and paying attention to other painters – he started to travel. From Palencia to Valladolid, where he studied Illustration.

Mateus Bailon

Inspired by myths, worldly folklore and the complex simplicity of the human mind, the work of Mateus Bailon explores narratives. It seeks to recall the connection between the human being and nature attempting to understand the mysterious part of people’s personal universes.

Mono Cieza

From transcendence to fusion – Mono Cieza was Born in Argentina and lives in Barcelona since 2001. He studied composition at the Faculty of Fine Arts of La Plata (Argentina), released  music for films.


Entter is a digital and crypto artist, his work is represented by Async and SuperRare galleries. He has worked for the blockchain NEAR and DAO Mintbase. He’s also Art Director and UI/ UX Designer. Entter is widely known for his pixelated visuals, focused on retro arcade and low-fi gaming graphics from the first era of home entertainment consoles and computers.


One of the principal inspirations of Gabriel Pérez Raventós is the adventure of finding objects, mix them and think about what he will be turning them into. He does not work with a preconceived idea, it is the materials that he has that activate his creative spirit.

Hannah Chloe

Hannah Adamaszek injects some new talent and energy in to the street art scene with her female portraits which bring a painterly style often found in contemporary art to the street art scene. Earthy tones and harmonious contours have earned Admaszek’s works a place on many an outside space, from the unique Brandalism project to StreetFest and UpFest.