Flyer –  Gabriel Pérez Raventós en Exposición

Gabriel Pérez Raventós – in exposition

10. Sep 2009 - 10. Dec 2010

Fousion Gallery
C/ de la Carassa 4
08003 Barcelona

One of the main inspirations of Gabriel Pérez Raventós lies precisely in the adventure of finding objects, mixing them and thinking about what he is going to do with them. It does not work with a preconceived idea but it is the materials that are available and the creative spirit that provides him with the ideas to be developed in future works. Alternative strategies are used for living, based on a limited participation in the conventional economy, and on a minimum consumption of resources, Pérez Raventós recycles the materials he finds on the street and turns them into works.




One of the principal inspirations of Gabriel Pérez Raventós is the adventure of finding objects, mix them and think about what he will be turning them into. He does not work with a preconceived idea, it is the materials that he has that activate his creative spirit.

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