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Impulsive Intuition


Fousion Gallery
C/ de la Carassa 4
08003 Barcelona

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> Prolonged until 22th of May 2022!

Fousion Gallery is delighted to present Impulsive intuition, an outbreak of tangible sounds out of the Urban Abstract jungle by Kenor and Julia Benz. A dialogue between two artists spoken in vibrations and the fluidity of vast colors: a constant oscillation.

Rough waters of a stormy sea, the merging of infinite dynamic colors into the delimitation of harsh strokes, transitioning into other dimensions of monochrome quietness: Julia Benz pieces provoke an appealing contrast with the loud, sharp structures of Kenor.

Kenor’s pieces are an excursion through the combination of infinite parts. Floating, vivid spaces that, departing from solid colors, create the impression of noise in suspension, presenting the insights of the sum of all these elements.

Both artists, departing from a very different point, enter deep into the realms of Urban Abstract Art, brushing elements of Abstract Pop Art and Post Graffiti, merging beyond. Using bright colors as prime material, Julia Benz and Kenor create artworks with diverse textures, from organic fluidity to geometrical defragmentation. Fluctuations and the ambivalence of movements; a conversation that takes off from an impulsive intuition.

“Impulsive intuition”, signifies the apprehension of a very particular landscape erected from different views on abstraction. A scenery of hypnotic melodies that fill out completely the environment, breaking open from the two-dimensional space to fulfil the necessity of the boundless tones to invade a third one, with the disposition to go even further.

Opening reception

April 7th at 7 pm at Fousion Gallery


April 7th – May 7th, 2022

Fousion Gallery
Calle Carassa 4, Principal 2da
08003 Barcelona

Kenor– Escape Into – Fousion Gallery
Kenor – Binary System – Fousion Gallery
Kenor – Ascending – Fousion Gallery
Kenor – B12 – Fousion Gallery
Kenor – Void76 – Fousion Gallery
Kenor – Instinct Rhythm– Fousion Gallery
Kenor – Contacts Physique – Fousion Gallery
Kenor – Airwaves – Fousion Gallery
Kenor – Infinity – Fousion Gallery
Kenor – Harmonic 303 – Fousion Gallery
Julia Benz – Oscillation I – Fousion Gallery
Julia Benz – Oscillation II – Fousion Gallery
Julia Benz – Oscillation III – Fousion Gallery
Julia Benz – Oscillation IV –Fousion Gallery
Julia Benz – Oscillation V – Fousion Gallery
Julia Benz – Static Mind – Fousion Gallery
Julia Benz – Spinning Wheel I – Fousion Gallery
Julia Benz – Spinning Wheel II – Fousion Gallery
Julia Benz – Metronome – Fousion Gallery



Kenor is a multidisciplinary artist of international recognition. His artwork develops geometrical abstractions, inspired by electronic music. His current sculptural work is an evolution of his first installations of street art, created in abandoned spaces, with residual materials.

Julia Benz

Julia Benz, born in 1988, is a German painter and mural artist. Benz studied painting in Düsseldorf and Berlin where she continues to live and work. Julia Benz has partaken in numerous urban muralism projects and collaborated with central figures of the street art movement. Her studio work consequently incorporates traces of urban canvas techniques and sensibilities, and thus has been exhibited in galleries affiliated to the urban art scene and in international contemporary art contexts alike. While many of her contemporaries aim to transgress toward the traditions of modern painting from an urban art background, Benz departs in the opposite direction.