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Norberto Fuentes – WeltInnenraum

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Fousion Gallery
C/ de la Carassa 4
08003 Barcelona

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“My models are the images that remain in my memory of the objects that I manipulate daily. With them I build these paintings and my intention is to be able to talk about something I don't know with things I know and to be able to narrow that distance.

I choose the Renaissance as a starting point because I think it was the time when man considered getting to know man in depth and forgot about "things" and began to generate garbage. He made real unique jewelry but forgot he was making trash, too. Today we get fed up with standard things, what's more, if it doesn't have the machine-like object we don't like it, and almost without a continuity solution we turn it into garbage. As a result, man is known more than ever, and garbage surrounds us on all sides. And in these we are.

Like the Tarot Wizard, I sit before my beads to see if magic occurs.”

– Norberto Fuentes Poblador


Norberto Fuentes