Flyer – Txemy & Perdi Rominger – Fousion Gallery

Visual Sound Art Performance

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C/ Comerç 15b
08003 Barcelona

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Fousion Gallery Barcelona presents an immersive journey blending Sound and visual experiences. Perdi Rominger unveils the abstract sound compositions that inspired Txemy Basualto's  artworks, exhibited at his current Solo Exhibition at Fousion Gallery Ellas y Yo

Perdi Rominger crafts sonic landscapes, unique sound abstraction resonating throughout the visual media in the artistic visual compositions by Txemy.

The live presentation is immersed within the artistic particular abstract and colorful cosmos of Txemy Basualto, epitomized through one of his chosen mediums, paper.

Witness a dialogue between two friends within their respective realms of expression: sound and painting.


Txemy & Perdi Rominger


Txemy Basualto is a Chilean-Canary Island artist. Born in 1981, comes to Barcelona at 2001 and he has been painting since 1994.

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