Mr. Jago

Born in the UK in 1972, Duncan Jago is considered a veteran of the urban art and design community. He has been described as a pioneer of the Scrawl Movement. Growing up in the small village of Eye in Suffolk, Jago had an intense interest in graffiti, which led him to study illustration in Bristol. He graduated from the University Of The West of England in Bristol in 1998. It was there that Jago met Steff Plaetz and Will Barras, which led the way to the start of the now renowned Scrawl Collective agency. Mr. Jago’s skills lie in everything from painting and illustration to creating artwork and designs for some of the biggest international brands. He presented alongside other members of the Wizard Kings at the W / K show at Fousion Gallery curated by sheOne, a special edition of black and white paintings.

Mr.Jago – Politics – Fousion Gallery
Stendec – Sentinel II – Fousion Gallery


Graeme Turnbull, aka Stendec, is a Scottish Artist, who has made London his home. He grew up in Glasgow where his appetite for art was spurred on by the UK’s creative urban culture. He balances his time between working on high end commercial vfx projects where he creates stunning 3D imagery and his more primal hand drawn art, which is often limited to a basic palette of line and tone. Stendec’s paintings incorporate elements from his visual effects background, among a myriad of other influences including architecture, form geometry, negative space and street culture. He strives to create original work that does not conform to the standards of traditional street art, by deconstructing architecture and toying with the building and breaking of perspective he creates geometrical paintings characterized with unpredictability and controlled chaos.

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James ‘sheOne’ Choules (born in London 1969) is a multi media artist working across various platforms ranging from large scale public murals and gallery exhibitions to handmade fashion pieces. He began writing Graffiti in 1984 as part of the first wave of English spray can artists and is recognized internationally for his unique expressive abstract approach to graffiti inspired output. BLACKATELIER is the name of his studio practice which is currently located in Barcelona, Spain.

SheOne was influenced by a variety of scores ranging from metal music and drag racing to Eastern calligraphy. The influence of Eastern calligraphy  is particularly visible in his canvas piece as the artist employs monochromatic colors and space to create works driven by emotions, rather than the rules of creative process. When working in his studio, the artist conveys the same energy and style to his small scale canvas series. 

The undisputed energy of sheOne works well on any surface he chooses to decorate. Throughout the years his recognizable works embellished a variety of useful objects including guitars, helmets, and salvaged car parts and bicycle frames. Beeing one of the pivotal members of a UK-based street art group Wizard Kings alongside Will Barras, Otwo, Stendec, Andrea Riot, Marc Lyken, and Mr.Jago, he curated a group show hosted by Fousion Gallery in 2016 that presented the works made by this eclectic group entitled W/K with the main theme of black and white. During a live painting session with Andrea Riot and O.Two, sheOne painted a large-scale mural at Fousion gallery Rooftop to accompany the show.

Ivana Flores – Five More Minutes – Fousion Gallery

Ivana Flores

How do memory and reality coalesce when it comes to painting and the portraiture of subjects? Through a convoluted imaginary, effervescent with symbolism, Ivana Flores inhabits in her work different fields of simultaneous experience: Reality, dream, everyday life and imagination merge at a turning point of boundless consciousness of self-image and world. Under a singular theme –the inner reality of things, whimsical forms travel back and forth between solid representation and more primary aspects of the human experience, liberating the sensorial and the visible from opaque abstractions and locating vulnerability.


Uriginal – Uri Martinez is a Barcelona based contemporary artist who has exhibited around the world and been painting on the street since he was a kid. He became known for his pieces inspired by historical masterpieces or popular imagery. He brings to life the famous subjects of iconic paintings by utilizing bright colors and bold lines, along with the use of a kaleidoscope geometric pattern throughout many of his artworks. His pieces grace the walls throughout Barcelona, and they have been shown at galleries in the capital of Catalonia region, as well as beyond.

He has developed a unique aesthetics and style that goes from the reinvention of Marvel Comics heroes to Pop Art to the characters of Star Wars, from Spanish painting or flamenco to the Barcelona Graffiti scene. He describes himself as “the son of a matador from high Ampurdán and a florist from the Ramblas of Barcelona” whose dream from childhood has been to become the national King of paella.

Although Uriginal has been heavily involved with the development of street and urban art over the last decade in Spain, he has also produced studio works and has exhibited his pieces in galleries.

Uriginal – Fousion Gallery
Work by Alfred Mauve

Alfred Mauve

The photographer and visual artist Alfred Mauve was born in Germany and studied at the Academie des Beaux Arts in France. He worked both in film and video before developing a photographic body of work using alternative printing processes such as Lith printing or Platinoype, to be found today in various museums and printed editions. In 2000, he arrived in Barcelona, and specialized in performing art photography. In 2003 he founded El Palomar, a cultural association dedicated to the organisation of artistic exchanges, interdisciplinary exhibitions, workshops and international partnerships.

Frederik Schulz

Frederik Schulz was born in 1983 in Siegburg near Cologne. Between 2000-2003 he completed training as a design technicians for graphic design. After an internship in a photo studio for product and advertising photography, he works as an independent freelance photo designer in Berlin. Since then, he hangs around in the atmosphere of urban art in Berlin. His panoramas are very popular and appreciated both Portraits special and important places as well because of their elaborate and detailed work out.

Frederik Schulz