O.Two – Staring at the Son – Fousion Gallery


O.Two – real name James Carey – born in 1979, lives and works in London. A member of Wizard Kings artist collective, Carey takes his graffiti heritage as a starting point of progressive explorations. Teenage delinquency is transformed and refined into a Post Graffiti texture of abstract gestures, but never disclaimed.

The paintings depart from the concrete material qualities of the offenders' favourite tools – spray paint and industrial enamel. Speckles and scratches, blotted and blurred, O.Two offers a spiritual passageway between the dirty tunnels of Subway Art and Art Informel.

Working initially with spray-paint on large scale murals, he has built a working process that when applied to canvas, lures the viewer into mists of dark, ambient colour illuminated by bold, abstract gestures. The works are intricate, refined adaptations of a distant teenage delinquency. They offer glimpses of a guilty rhythm, hooded themes and vieled motives. As member of the Wizard Kings he participated at the W / K show curated by sheOne 2016 at Fousion Gallery Barcelona and has been presented at international fairs as Blooom Art Show / Art Fair Cologne.

  • Fousion Finest 2021 – group show at Reial Cercle Artístic, Barcelona
  • The Unresolved – new collaborative works by Will Barras and O.Two, Fousion Gallery, Barcelona
  • War – group show featuring Death Spray Custom / Benedict Radcliffe / Dave White / Will Barras / Damien Hirst and others at HM Electric Gallery, London
  • Distilled – group show at Thames-Side Studios, London
  • HEX Coda – duo show with Andrea Riot at Punto618 Gallery, Turin
  • W/K group show – group show curated by sheOne at Fousion Gallery, Barcelona 
  • The Black Arts – group show at Superchief Gallery, New York
  • Un Dessin est beau si la ligne est Vivante – group show at Le Pilori Museum, Niort (France)
  • rockGroup – duo show with sheOne, Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne
  • Write Now: Hang Fire. Bristol. Group show with Sofles / Gary / Roid / Felipe Pantone / Niels 'Shoe' Meulman and others.
  • A Study of Camouflage: Backwoods Gallery. Melbourne. With Aaron De La Cruz / Augustine Kofie / Jaybo Monk / Madsaki / Petro and others.
  • FLUX – solo show at Centre Intermondes, La Rochelle (France)
  • Space/Squared – group show at White Walls Gallery, San Francisco
  • A Major Minority – group show at 1AM Gallery, San Francisco
  • Phosphene Smoke – solo show at Gamma Transport Division, Edinburgh
  • Wider than a Postcard – group show at Breeze Block Gallery, Portland (USA)
  • Graffuturism – group show with Futura / Poesia / Duncan Jago / Graphic Surgery / Haze and others at Soze Gallery, Los Angeles
  • Futurism 2.0 – group show with Jerry Inscoe / Duncan Jago / Boris Tellegen / Poesia / Derek Bruno / Augustine Kofie and others at Blackall Studios, London
  • Team Rex – group show with Blade / Henry Chalfont / Duster / Shoe / Tek 33 and others Red Gallery, London
  • See No Evil – Art Festival, Bristol
  • Metal Lourd: rockGroup™ – duo show with SheOne at CNAR Niort, France
  • Megadef: rockGroup™ show – group show at Out Of Step Gallery, London
  • No Comply – group show with Will Barras / Luca Ionescu / Meggs / KR / SheOne and others, Sydney and Melbourne

  • All Right Pal – group show with Futura / Daze / Stash / SheOne / Dave White and others at Recoat Gallery, Glasgow
  • Calibrating Delinquency: rockGroup™ – show with SheOne, as part of Designers Block. Highbury Studios, London
  • Nude – group show at Covent Garden, London
  • Artistic Vandals Part II – group show at Sartorial Contemporary Art, London
    Lucid Union – group Show with Danny Sangra / Chrissie Abbott / Rob McNally / Yuko Kondo and others at Kingly Court, London 
    Artistic Vandals Part I – group show with James Jessop / Martin Lea Brown and others at No More Grey, London
  • Talking Walls – Group show with Nick Walker / Mudwig Dans / SheOne / Paris / Eko and others at Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol
  • Gra[ff]ite – group exhibition of Drawings at Crewest Gallery, Los Angeles
  • One/Two: rockGroup™ – duo show with SheOne, Covent Garden, London
  • Black Letter – solo show at Best, London
  • Streetwise 2 – group show with Doze Green / Kami / Logan Hicks / SheOne / Scrawl Collective at Kunsthoff Gallery, Berlin
  • 5eme Edition Festival Art et Hip-Hop – group show at Cultural Centre du Arts, Niort, France
  • Urban Dreams 2 – group show at Palais Des Beaux Arts, Charleroi, Belgium
Murals / Installations
  • Le 4eme Mur – A series of mural collaborations with Will Barras, Niort (France)
  • Valkyrie – Collection of collaborative paintings created with Aston Martin for the launch of their Valkyrie hypercar. 
  • The Underbelly Project – Installation piece, with Ron English / Revok / Faile / Meggs / Roa / SheOne / Logan Hicks and others, Brooklyn
  • Matsuri – A series of Live painting performances at 93feetEast, London
  • Matsuri – Live painting performance at 93feetEast, London