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Phil Ashcroft

Phil Ashcroft is a painter and graphic artist living in London. His formative years as a student of art and design first at Harrow College, then at St Martins School of Art during the early 1990's concur with the emergence of widespread digital communication and (image) manipulation, an influence.

Ashcrofts painting explores an urban landscape of the mind, which he envisions superposed with virtual spaces. While his works partly nod to woodcut print and poster art, the structures appear distorted, infused with glitch and collision.

In a new century, Phil Ashcroft tries to trace new forces of abstraction which are no longer at private whim, but uncontainably external.

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“Phil Ashcroft’s specific form of gestural, emotive abstraction combines flattened out 1980s style art deco and graffiti influences with references to American abstraction which often threaten to overwhelm the upper sections of his canvases. But it is an overtly Post-Modern type of abstraction, one that appears to forefronts process and gesture but is in fact computer generated translations of gestural painting reproduced as painting.

In other paintings, the work is entirely abstract but it is as if he has cropped or zoomed into the image, suggesting digital manipulations re-presenting or editing Modernist formats. This is further reinforced by the references to vector graphics and geometrical primitives in Ashcroft’s work, graphics based on mathematical expressions which are used to communicate non-subjective, procedural routes into abstraction at odds with the historical overtly-subjective precedents of Abstract Expressionism.”

– Paul Hobson, Director, Modern Art Oxford
(from Phil Ashcroft: Solar System Parameters, 2013)


Phil Ashcroft: Solar System Parameters, Gamma Proforma


Cristian Campos, 1000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art, Rockport


Ric Blackshaw, Liz Farrelly, Street Art: Making and Selling It, Rotovision 

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  • Out of the Box and in the German Ryan Permanent Collection – New Art Gallery Walsall 
  • Celeste Art Prize 2007 – T2, London & touring; Lyon & Turnbull, Edinburgh 
  • Contemporary Art Society’s ARTfutures 2007 – Bloomberg SPACE, London 
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  • Elephant Technique – Village Underground, London 
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  • Yeti in Hong Kong – solo show at EXIT/double-park, Hong Kong
  • Contemporary Art Society’s ARTfutures 2005 – Bloomberg SPACE, London 
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  • Space is the Place / Future Worlds – solo show at Metro Cinema, London, W1 / Intoxica!, London W11