SheOne – [ D A I G O U ] – Fousion Gallery


Born in London in 1969, James began to write Graffiti in 1984. A decade later he had formalised the concept of spraypaint as 
the primary medium of expression and was beginning to personalise his alter-ego signature as the gestural cage for contextual subject.

Since an Invitation, in 2000, to make his first solo exhibition of paintings on canvas in New York, he is widely recognised as a pioneer of European and abstract Graffiti.

In Tokyo, 2002, he exhibits and creates installation paintings. In black & white and raw canvas, the breakthrough aesthetic that is recognised today as his trademark style.

“The play of light and dark enabled SheOne to define the form and create pure visual poetry, as true beauty doesn’t come through the representation of the material world, it comes from the human soul.”

A steady stream of exhibitions and international projects coupled with artistic collaborations around product design, music and fashion have cemented his works and personally stylised approach to image making into.

  • DrapArt'21 – group show at Reial Cercle Artístic, Barcelona