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A new space is Born – COMERÇ, 15 local B


Fousion Gallery
Carrer Comerç 15 B
08003 Barcelona

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A gateway to a New Dimension

Fousion Gallery, after more than 15 years of a trajectory divided in a first period with a solid foundation in the early 2000s alternative urban cultural scene of Barcelona, and a second one from its unique Apartment Gallery in El Born, is inaugurating a new parallel space, open to the public, on the street level at an iconic location: Comerç, 15-B, on November 16th.

From this unique location, it will schedule exhibitions every two months and carry out parallel monthly activities, following the artistic direction that continues its essence and identity, its own ecosystem that has fluctuated between Urban Abstraction and Contemporary Surrealism, incorporating Sound and Visual Art as new means of expression.

A turning point in its trajectory, a new era from which to continue its unique vision and ecosystem, a constant creative and exhibition need based on the fusion of various artistic styles, in collaboration with a versatile international artistic family.


Inauguration: 16 Nov 2024

Press & Preview: 17:30
Opening Reception: 19:00
Sounds by Nikka Bionikka & Rigo Pex

Will Barras – Collider – Fousion Gallery
Peca – Quantum – Fousion Gallery
Peca – Moonlight Day I – Fousion Gallery
Peca – Moonlight Day II – Fousion Gallery
Bruno Pontiroli – Les Grandes Gueules – Fousion Gallery
Samuel Salcedo – Rollin' Stone – Fousion Gallery
Samnuel Salcedo – Cast Iron Man – Fousion Gallery
Samuel Salcedo – Column – Fousion Gallery
Mono Cieza – Harmonía – Fousion Gallery
Mono Cieza – Ares – Fousion Gallery
Mono Cieza – Medusa – Fousion Gallery
Mono Cieza – Afrodita – Fousion Gallery
Txemy – EFDLD 02 – Fousion Gallery
Txemy – EFDLD 03 – Fousion Gallery
Ilia Mayer – El Gat – Fousion Gallery
Miss Van – Two Nudes – Fousion Gallery
Miss Van – Dark Nymph I – Fousion Gallery
Miss Van – Dark Nymph II – Fousion Gallery
Miss Van – Nude with Nenufars – Fousion Gallery
Miss Van – Portrait with Fox Mask – Fousion Gallery
SheOne – [ D A I G O U ] – Fousion Gallery
SheOne – [ O N G A K U ] – Fousion Gallery
SheOne – [ C R A B N E S T ] – Fousion Gallery
SheOne – [ T Z U U N G ] – Fousion Gallery
SheOne – [ D R O Y T T  ] – Fousion Gallery
Kenor – Continuous Tone – Fousion Gallery
Kenor – Transmission – Fousion Gallery
Alberto de Blobs – Delta 3 ¨Los suburbios de la IA¨ – Fousion Gallery
Julia Benz – Lighttime– Fousion Gallery
Julia Benz – Temper – Fousion Gallery
Julia Benz – Grounded – Fousion Gallery
Dilka Bear – Panqaraña – Fousion Gallery
Dilka Bear – Brahma’s Dream #369 – Fousion Gallery
Dilka Bear – Labirinto – Fousion Gallery
Dilka Bear – Microworld – Fousion Gallery
Dilka Bear – Silence – Fousion Gallery
Dilka Bear – Celebration – Fousion Gallery
Poe de Laf – Soidónimo IX – Fousion Gallery
Poe de Laf – Soidónimo X – Fousion Gallery
Victor Castillo – Oh Dear Not Again – Fousion Gallery
David de la Mano – Cavern – Fousion Gallery
David de la Mano – Return – Fousion Gallery


Julia Benz

Julia Benz, born in 1988, is a German painter and mural artist. Benz studied painting in Düsseldorf and Berlin where she continues to live and work. Julia Benz has partaken in numerous urban muralism projects and collaborated with central figures of the street art movement. Her studio work consequently incorporates traces of urban canvas techniques and sensibilities, and thus has been exhibited in galleries affiliated to the urban art scene and in international contemporary art contexts alike. While many of her contemporaries aim to transgress toward the traditions of modern painting from an urban art background, Benz departs in the opposite direction.


Kenor is a multidisciplinary artist of international recognition. His artwork develops geometrical abstractions, inspired by electronic music. His current sculptural work is an evolution of his first installations of street art, created in abandoned spaces, with residual materials.

Bruno Pontiroli

Bruno Pontiroli creates mind-bending explorations of the relationship between humans and animals. From his dreamlike visions, he conjures up surreal and fantastic universes, where centaurs cut off the head of half-human half-horse creatures, over-eager men can embrace large walrus or jump on twisted giraffes and dromedaries fit their cubic-shaped humps into each other. A poetic and absurd ability to make the impossible happen, while a hippopotamus is standing on his tongue...

Dilka Bear

Those eyes that mirror the world – Dilka Bear, born 1977 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, is an Italian-based artist, illustrator and painter. She studied Architecture at the Almaty University of Arts, in Kazakhstan. 

Miss Van

Miss Van started wall-painting with brushes on the walls of Toulouse in the 90’s and quickly expanded her work throughout Europe (with Barcelona as her home city), influencing the feminine movement in European Urban Art. She is now considered among the most established international urban contemporary female artists. 

Mono Cieza

From transcendence to fusion – Mono Cieza was Born in Argentina and lives in Barcelona since 2001. He studied composition at the Faculty of Fine Arts of La Plata (Argentina), released  music for films.


The outer circle and inner space – Peca was born in Argentina and graduated from the University of Fine Arts in the city of La Plata (UNLP). She paints, illustrates and animates films in Barcelona for more than a decade.

Samuel Salcedo

Samuel Salcedo's artworks is possible to pose a deep reflection while amusing about the human condition. Salcedo's works aim to emphasize the masked nature of human beings. An illusory condition, sometimes grotesque, often ridiculous but in some decent way, of the postmodern citizen.


Born in London in 1969, James began to write Graffiti in 1984. A decade later he had formalised the concept of spraypaint as 
the primary medium of expression and was beginning to personalise his alter-ego signature as the gestural cage for contextual subject.


Txemy Basualto is a Chilean-Canary Island artist. Born in 1981, comes to Barcelona at 2001 and he has been painting since 1994.

Victor Castillo

Victor Castillo is a Chilean painter currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He was born in Santiago, Chile in 1973, the same year that military dictatorship was established in his country. Inspired by the animations, science fiction movies and the illustrations on his family’s record covers, he began drawing obsessively at the age of five. Later he studied at University of Art and Social Sciences (ARCIS) and the Catholic University of Chile. Victor joined an independent experimental art collective in Santiago, creating mixed media sculpture and video installations.

Will Barras

Will Barras, born in 1973, is a British animation designer and painter. While studying graphic design in the 1990's, Barras became aware and subsequently part of the flourishing Bristol street-art scene and co-founded the influential Scrawl collective. Now leading a London based double life between occupations as a highly decorated animation director and studio artist.

Alberto de Blobs

Alberto de Blobs, born in 1982 started his career as a painter at the young age of 12, writing graffiti in Barcelona. From wild style letter painting, his style gradually evolved towards today's elaborate mixture of figurative and free form abstraction. With its open muralist approach, de Blobs' highly illustrative visual language combines references to his subcultural roots and art historical predecessors alike and with ease. Merging all types of influences, genres and styles, Blobs forged a brilliant outlook on creativity which is presented through his search for new experiences. This newly-made reality escapes all conventions and breaks free from links to any particular aesthetic trend.

David De La Mano

David de la Mano was born in Salamanca in 1975, where he graduated in Fine Arts before focussing on Public Art for his PhD at the University of Valencia.

From 1993 onward, De La Mano has worked extensively in urban public space, and developed his trademark style during numerous international projects.

Ilia Mayer

Ilia Mayer is a visual artist and a musician who delves into the pictorial disciplines of watercolor, oil, and muralism, alongside photography and experimental music. Employing an interdisciplinary approach, Mayer seeks to interconnect these forms of expression to construct an artistic body of work reflecting themes such as solitude, the "sense of wonder," and anti-speciesism.

Poe de Laf

When defining her style, Poe de Laf says it is "part of the pistil that supports the stigma, just after the ovaries, in the floral axis"

Nikka Bionikka & Alba G. Corral

Alba G. Corral (b. 1977 – Madrid) based in Catalunya is a Visual Artist and creative coder. With a background in computer engineering, Corral has been creating generative art using software and coding for the past decade. Her practice spans across live performance, video, digital media and installation, exploring abstract narratives and expressing sensitivity and taste for colour.